About Us

Miracle Life Ministries is a Christian Organization founded by Rev.Dr.V.Shanti Kiran ,
in the year 1990,intended for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, and building churches of Jesus Christ
and doing all possible good works in the name of Jesus to all the people without any barriers of caste, creed and religion, to the extent possible.

It is based in the city of Hyderabad the capital of Telangana state of INDIA.
From there it is working to reach all over INDIA and to the uttermost parts of the earth with its aims and objects.
From the year 1990 to 2004,about 15 years we concentrated on evangelical work and we evangelized hundreds of villages and towns
in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka of INDIA. And from 2005 we started the church ministry also and till today we are continuing it. We built some churches in some of the villages we evangelized. Now we are going to build orphanages for orphan children, homes for the aged for poor old age people and homes for the poor and abandoned windows also along with our gospel work.

Main Aims And Objects

Our Main aims and objects are through all our possible activities we want to glorify the name of Lord Jesus Chrsit,

Who is the king of kings and the lord of lords,

the creator and redeemer of the entire universe,and to extend the kingdom of God in Jesus name and working for the edification of his church on earth.